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2014-12-19 23:38
KR: 2014-12-20 07:38

13:05 cloudbabyxd: Hi all also
04:43 CrixusS: fuck
19:53 OCrackerJO: Hi all
18:34 patani2010: Why are the trackers not working no more? This site's been officially dead now? Lol
12:51 blabla: www.gunbound.ca - GunBound Thor's Hammer
05:26 CrixusS: lol shut the fak up? what the fuck was that fool!?
18:56 Samy Return: Crixuss id you are the one from chille, shut the fak up... we are buddy, dont mess it ok .
18:54 Samy Return: Crixuss cant you understand what's the hell so call protential ?is pro ass hole .....
09:01 CrixusS: is call potential not protential what an dumb ass AE
19:14 Samy Return: you guys know koky? o called her nick name in GB. let her finish her exam... she is the one not for the sick of GB, is to return to crash who's ever program on hand. let's see her protential...... .

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